Hello world!

I am upset. I feel War for “democracy” is NOT suitable for us pakis, our focus should be grass root economic policies and education that should build natural unity/consensus. As much as i am critical of PPP and PMLN (MQM is ok) i feel PTI currently is a fish being motivated to climb up the coconut tree while idiotic bystanders are cheering on. Similar to the ‘Arab spring’ that never happend.

Now.I always wanted asad umer to be prime minister of Pakistan. even before 2009.asad umer has joined PTI 😦 i dont like PTI, Imran khans childish egotistical machismo, lack of depth on Pakistani  issues, immature discourses, and Talibanised influences, i don’t think asad umer would not have analysed all of this, he could still have advise them from a distance, dint need to takeon full responsibility and baggage of PTI, also dint seem like a guy would go through a midlife crises.
anyway, hes lost an  admirer gained a critic! :(.
good for him!!


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