TIME’s 100 influential

CJ Chaudhry, Sharmeen Obaid make it to TIME’s 100 influential people!

oh wow! yeah they deserved it!! They ALL are status quo, affluent, well connected with the right ppl, disconnected with  their own, give perfect english lipservice, use caution when speaking about the mai baap US or have served TIME magazine, have done nothing to erase statusquo or poverty and ofcourse have risen to fame using useless rhetoric of western ideals cos they remain powerful that way!
hey good for THEM! for the rest of us Pakistanis in Napoleon Bonaparte’ s own words “Ability is of little account without opportunity.” besides who would want stupid edhi on that list?!

Having worked with a couple, apart from a chosen few, i am rather skeptical of the NGO’s mushrooming business by the whos and the who and about how these NGOs actually operate in for the betterment of Pakistanis.

According to the Law NGOs in Pakistan can be divided into following broad categories:

  • Those involved in advocacy and lobbying
  • Those involved in policy issues and debates
  • Emergency, rehabilitation and relief organizations
  • Those involved in implementation of development project and programs including service delivery organizations community based organization

if NGOs in Pakistan by law can only be involved in sweet sounding words such as advocacy and lobbying, debates rehabilitation and community based activism, this mode of selective silences on criminal airline and public health and environmental negligence issues remains a question mark. REALLY makes you doubt their role and policies…..whose paychecks are they on?


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