die-mocracy! calling spade a spade

with ammi abba and woh!

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has convicted the PM of contempt for refusing to obey court orders to write letter to Swiss authorities against the president under NRO, which was promulgated by Musharraf in 2007 with the help of western powers. Read more  here!!

from the time after the death of Benazir Bhutto, pakistani politics has gotten better and better, even far better than the 90’s

as the old pattern of politics slowly began returning after mourning of BB was largely over, following the economic crash of 2008 around the world, in our case mr ten% becoming the president, the chartyer of die-mocrazy thrashed apart and the fishing of new resources sped up as the elections 2012 approached, ppp has achieved so much already that many believe it should never be allowed in power again, our other option, the Taliban parties.

PPPs second largest achievement in a long list, is Benazir Income Support Programme: that profoundly questions why waste time trampling on the roads begging when you can get paid cash of Rs.1000/mnth at ur doorsteps?

it seems even if they try to do something other than corruption, they dont know how to go about it! they are so removed from reality. i mean how long does it take to pick the right person to do the job? well minutes for the top jobs if you even know half of the merited criteria. For PPP the merit of well deserved is if they well earned in the process. what a waste of the whole of above paragraph right?

between rock and a hard place Pakistanis continue to live! some of us have left the country, some of us haven’t. both tough choices. who says life’s fair? thanks to disengaged citizens, and semi-detached honest liberals or those concerned their daily bread and butter or maintaining normalcy of life, the politicians get busy connecting, luring the right ppl in and isolating the wrong, middle class or whatever is left of it in our everyday crashing country.

i often wonder about those totally not interested in the mundane prospect analysing reviewing these patterns, opening up about it, beyond their drawing rooms, should we even be that kind of a nation? the one that continues to stay cocooned in their comfort zones, when so much around it is so wrong?

calling a spade a spade at least offers some form of a consensus building where practical agendas conflict the individual interest.  Respectfully. we should ve made a constitutional amendment, if local politics bores a citizen, they shouldn’t even be CALLED a Pakistani!

excerpt from charter of die-mocracy, how to make a nation of beggers by ppp; the vulgar culture


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