Patterns and Persian Rug

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1 – Historic Monuments & Islamic Buildings:

Inspired by tile-work, structure and geometric shapes of ancient buildings.
Some Sub Patterns:Sheikh Lotfollah, Mehrabi Kufi, Kabood Mosque, Sheikh Safi Shrine, Zire Khaki

2 – Shah Abbassi:A special flower, known as Shah Abbassi, set-off by other floral persian rug patterns and leaves
Some Sub Patterns:Allover, Medallion, Tree, Animal, Sheikh Safi, Embellished Shah Abbassi

3 – Spiral:Spiraling branches around leave. The end of each branch splits to resemble the jaws of a dragon
Some Sub Patterns:Allover Spiral, Interconnected Spiral, Broken Spiral, Medallion Spiral

4 – Allover:All parts of pattern are interconnect usually drawn without the designers hand ever being lifted
Some Sub Patterns:Khatai, Interconnected, Pomegranate Flower, Animal, Twisted Branch, Medallion

5 – Derivative:Patterns of neighboring regions Similar to persian rug patterns originally woven in Persia
Some Sub Patterns:Afghani, Caucasian, Gobelin

6 – Interconnected (Bandi):A small piece of design is repeated and connected throughout the carpet.
Some Sub Patterns:Ivy, Katieh, mudbrick, diamond, Tree, Milk, Sugar, armlet, cedar, Bakhtiari, Majlessi, Rope

7 – Paisley:Head-bent paisley (common in Indian and Iranian patterns)
Some Sub Patterns:Tufted, Deer Horn, Termeh, Saraband, Kherghei, Isfahan Pencase, Kordestani, Eight-bush

8 – Tree:Distinctive for their close resemblance to natural tree forms
Some Sub Patterns:Animal, Green Field, Panel, Cedar, Vase

9 – Torkeman (Bokharas):Geometrical shapes & broken lines. (usu. derived from the weavers imagination, not a drawing)
Some Sub Patterns:Gabbeh, Yamouti, Comb, Ghazel Gos, Akhal, Four-Panel, Saddlebag, Spoon

10 – Hunting Ground:Life-like animals
Some Sub Patterns:Tree, Panel, Medallion, Allover

11 – Panel:Multisided panel motif
Some Sub Patterns:Spiral, Koran, Column

12 – European Flower:Original Persian designs with roses in light and dark colours
Some Sub Patterns:Rose, Bijar, Mostowfi, Panel, Bouquet, Rose and Nightingale

13 – Vase:A single large vase, or a smaller vase repeated throughout the carpet
Some Sub Patterns:Khatai, Two-Way, Mehrabi, Allover, Chain, Haji Khanom, Repeate, Scar Medallion, One-Way

14 – Intertwined Fish:Originally a product of nomadic tribes and enriched by modern designers. Intertwined fish.
Some Sub Patterns:Herat, Farahan, Beehive, Senneh, Kurdestan, Tiny, Fragmented

15 – Mehrab:Representation of the place in a mosque, where the prayer leader stands. Ornamented with pillars, chandeliers & floral persian rug patterns
Some Sub Patterns:Tree, Vase-Column, Chandelier, Vase, Landscape

16 – Striped (Moharramat):Repeated stripes running the length of the carpet, each stripe with it’s own motif and colour
Some Sub Patterns:Overall Pencase, Tiny Flower (one background colour, Paisley (multiple background colours)

17 – Geometrical:Lines, and geometrical shapes (polygons, etc.)
Some Sub Patterns:Connected panel, Medallion, Striped, Scarf Medallion, Plain Ground, Khatai, Star (Mosaic)

18 – Tribal:Oldest & most original persian rug patterns. Simple creations of tribal imagination, inspired by natural surroundings
Some Sub Patterns:Heibatloo, Ghashghai Paisley, Afshari, Khatouni, Ardabil, Mazlaghan, Khamseh, Saveh, Tafresh

19 – Composites:A composite of two or more of the above patterns

Some Sub Patterns:Twisted Branch Medallion, Chanin Medallion, Interconnected Vase & Spiral, Green Field, etc


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