A bold and simple mode of life

taking free style writing n Pakistani style over analysis seriously to a whole new level!

HILARIOUS! commonsensical on #savingface http://is.gd/zmWBjC

on the other hand, heh. i can understand why would any one hate a muslim? we need to be re packaged and not as above, muslims are egotistical and lost in various wrongly assumed quranic translations of quran. thats ok. and “as plain as my bigotry is to see” and i like that confusion [cos you have to be an Asian, and in Pakistanis shoes to totally ‘get it’ ]

The splendour of a monarch great is worthless for the free and bold:
Where lies the grandeur of a king, whose riches rest on borrowed gold?
You pin your faith on idols vain and turn your back on Mighty God:
If this is not unbelief and sin, what else is unbelief and fraud?

Luck favours the fool and the mean, and exalts and lifts to the skies
Only those who are base and low and know not how to patronize.

One look from the eyes of the Fair can make a conquest of the heart:
There is no charm in the fair sweet, If it lacks this alluring art.

I am a target for the hate of the mighty rich and the great,
As I know the end of Caesars great and know the freaks of luck or fate.

To be a person great and strong is the end and aim of all;
But that rank is not real and true that is attained by the ego’s fall.

My bold and simple mode of life has captured each and every heart;
Though my numbers are lame and dull And lay no claim to poet’s art.

i d like to address this double standard issue through a system of thought i happily subscribe to [as pro regionalism, non taliban,neoliberal nationalist, proudly present in the definition of quran] being rather skeptical of globally imposed western school of “thought”, which hysterically, is totally Islamic in practice! allama is the best person to understanding Quran, allama iqbal had stream of consciousness and a bit of wine to become shair e mashriq, and beautifully delivers Easts understanding of good western progress, and what all man kind including all kinds of Muslim definitions must become. Must watch.

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