PPP x Diemocrazy = social disorganization

A core principle of social disorganization is that place matters—i.e one’s residential locations much or more than one’s individual characteristics (age, gender, race) in shaping the likelihood that a person being involved in certain activities. When i think of ghetto places in Karachi like lyari, shirin jinnah, mangopir, mehmudabad, etc i think of the political representative from these areas and what they stand for?

in current scenario, for some reason ppp or ex ppp gangsters/ representatives almost always live beyond their means! magnificent house of Uzair Baloch inside Lyari proves that http://twitpic.com/9gv9au,

as the decline of their popularity gains momentum ppp and co under zardari’s magnificent chamatkaar ( leadership) almost always prove how any branch of morality and display of ethics is a waste on them, even the holyquran is a joke c/o latest babar awan fiasco and zulfiqar mirza before them, additionally a rather moderate but corrupt aitezaz, who sent a fraudulent affidavit that Babar Awan refused to sign again proves that any one can be bought and current judicial unfairness may result in another wahabist islamaised revolution.  http://shar.es/2h9kz

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