How do you read this current trend of politics as fashion in architecture?

The good news is that politics is on everybody lips, the bad news is that politics is about everything and nothing nowadays.

Ten years ago a New York fashion line was born named Theory. Buzzwords of the cultural elite – like the return to the sixties – become the next luxurious Theory Icon project.

Facing the crisis of Neoliberalism, Politics has become the next project of intellectual entertainment. Many contemporary artists, curators, philosophers, sociologist, journalists, critics and architects tap into politics, knowing that they can no longer celebrate their work on its own autistic terms.


around media:

People are clearly passionate about health, education, transport and other core policy issues.But they won’t reward simplistic political promises and good-guy-bad-guy coverage with either votes or media loyalty.

If the information on which people base their democratic choice is flawed as it is now – overspun and overhyped on both side of the political and journalistic divide – apathy is neither surprising nor wrong.

Media and politics should hold a summit, call a truce, and re-draw the ethical lines of realistic political debate, and realistic political reporting”.
– Julia Hobsbawm, Chief Executive of the public relations company HMC



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