hardlinemullahs vs armedCapitalism: two wrongs and the right in between

Not all those who claim to be Muslims are good people, not all who are called kaffirs (or hiding god) are bad people.

Islam came to under stand the universe. inside us and out there in space. the world Muslim or non wants goodness and humanity.  Unfortunately the educated lost interest in the knowledge base and are now isolated by harlined illiterates deriving their power through wrongs doings.

The narrow minded translation of islam by hardline mullahs is wrong. Just like an atheist would translate selling WMDs for the “goodness of humanity” is. Its how we spin knowledge thats the problem. NOT knowledge itself.


we are all prisoners of conscience. stuck between two wrongs warring all the right people in the world getting crushed.Ever since 9/11( as far as i can visually and intellectually remember) the USA has glorified the concept of jihad in light of Kashmir, Palestine, and mullah culture, the recent example is that of CNN presentation of in footsteps of Osama bin laden.

I was highly disgusted to watch it cos it seems like by devoting so much time to aterroist who calls himself a muslim, is almost like honoring his memory and inciting other to do the same. CNN only showed how an American agent turned rogue. How a back seater at school turned a so called “religious” leader and then an American pet fighting with them against Russians, who later turned rogue? Coincidental after the collapse ofUSSR?

i wish they would remember dr king and JFK even more. Then the fact that acc to CNN only amongst alqaeda manuals were actually drawn from American military journals to help Taliban against thenUSSRis also a question mark of the information exchanged and the intimate relationship between Taliban andUSmilitary. Conveniently neglecting other cold war details as to how these angry, distorted, wahabis were collected to fight against each other on oldUSweaponry sold cheap to them. Eventually US took on this jihad from osama and spread it to the world weakening its economy searching for new markets riding on Chinese credit!

this sounds way too choreographed a history to me. Especially when i don’t trust either of actors. jihadis in the name of Islam and capitalists in the name of democracy! they are spinning a script, twisting facts and fabricating more than human intellect can digest. All to insult MY religion? that has nothing to do with hatred!!!

Pakistan not taken action against Hafiz Saeed: Clinton

“We’re well aware that there has not yet been the steps taken by the Pakistani govt to do what bothIndia and theUShave repeatedly requested them they do,” saidClinton.

A woman unaware of Monica in her bed surely seems to know more about Al Zawahiri being inPakistan! i hope they haven’t planted him here.

Forced marriage threat made to NGO women

MANSEHRA, May 5: Former Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal MNA from Kohistan Maulvi Abdul Haleem on Saturday warned women working in nongovernmental organisations against entering his district and said violators of the warning would be forcibly married off to locals.

it is  true that Islam will never be understood by jaahils, mullah brigade n their followers!! So this how the world is divided! Mullah/Ghairat brigade is part of the jaahil jihadis- so-called -“muslims” fighting with jaahil capitalists- so-called-“democrats”!! both modern day megalomaniacs!!! two WRONG forces in the world fighting each other twisting the arm of human ideals to their advantage!

the right people are TRAPPED amidst television hype is that silent majority who don’t want to participate in this ethics and media hogging and hence  seem to have no platforms! but we wont let them.


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