stop smoking!
y do u have to go out?
y cant u smoke in?
ru scared of ur mom or dad?
wht am i supposd to do fr those 5 minutes?
i could take a nap!
bt what does smoking at ths hr really really do?
does it help u think?
y cos u dont have a brain?
do u inhale?
or is it cool jst to blowout alot of smoke?
are u stressed?
why are u stressed?
Stress doesnt help anyone.
what do u worry abt most any way?
do u smoke whn u hunt too?
Does it make u happy?
But smoking doesnt make any one happy!
so why do u do it?
seriously! Whats the point of smoking in todays world?
Ppl could die of pollution sitting in their chairs!
its not just existential angst! Its areal threat!
But thats a discussion for a later time. not to worry abt that!
so why do u smoke any way?
y do u talk so symbolically?


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