Islam is a peaceful religion that believes in showing kindness to humanity and equal rights and emotional balance.

Instead of cooking kachi pakki interpretations here. First and foremost demand that we donot want a sharia law as translated by gen. Zia and his leftovers! inspired by an inhuman opressed saudi law!

We would like an open educated and public dicussion inclusive of all ulemas, country rep. Of diff. Sects (w good credibilty on levelheadedness n understanding of human rights and responsibilities acc to the modern world) and THEN move on further to the correct wording of the (translation and interpretation) of the holy book into any LAW!

acc to my knowledge and understanding of Islam homosexuality is a result of hormonal reconstitution of xy gene factors and can be cured, also Islam is very clear on

a) voluntary homosexuality (casual fun, variety, disturbingly provocative practices and public displays of homosexuality)

b) lenient and kind on genuine involuntary psychological constitution and / or physiological issues


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