On ghairat etc

express tribune is sold out to whatever!

frankly!  i personally think  instead of reiterating the same rhetoric and stating the obvious, we should focus on eradicating the root causes of this “problem” of distorted thinking called wani, karo kari, honor killing, nationalism, Islamism, homophobia, whatever in the name of ghairat. No it isnt a license to kill! neither is war on terrorism let me add!

firstly, nationalism even if fake should be voiced. in a country that has more guided missiles than guided youth this is all we get! what other option does a youth have? are there organisations working for guiding the youth? making them economically and intellectually independent? No. that money is going to tv channels/media supporting different agendas!

How a society behaves depends alot on how it is feeling in the environment. A society like Pakistan that has been under constant stress since its birth, bw wars, partitions, and imposed democratic/dictatorial/religious oppression and economic suppression is now used to being disturbed and full of anxiety, and so it will act like mad people with in Pakistan.

Pakistanis abroad may not be as much so because their environment and priorities are different. As per history all socio-economic disturbances affect human rationality and distort linguistic meanings into personal dispositions whichever the culture may be! we are all humans and we all make wrong judgments instead of self mutilating and self loathing, we should eradicate the root cause of this injustice whether in the name of a forced Taliban version of religion, social judicial AND / OR economic justice in the name of capitalist democracies.


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