Tayyip Erdoğan In Pakistan: A hero’s welcome

Tayyip Erdoğan is cool.

i dunno why turks like him. I like him cos i can respect him, he has integrity. Is level headed, practical, traditionalist, down to earth hardworking, middle class, came up from grass roots politics, is passionate, stoodup to and walked out on Shimon Peres on a world forum, and openly condemns israeli war rhetoric, seeks balanced ummah unity, PLUS he is loyal to Pakistan!!

Is everything Pakistani leaders  aren’t!


Erdoğan walks out of the session at the World Economic Forum in 2009, vows never to return.

Erdoğan paid a state visit to Israel in 2005, bringing along a delegation of businessmen to further economic ties. The President of Israel Shimon Peres addressed the Turkish parliament during a visit in 2007, the first time an Israeli leader had addressed the legislature of a predominantly Muslim nation.[64]

At the 2009 World Economic Forum conference, the debate became heated in relation to the Gaza conflict. Israeli PresidentShimon Peres responded to Erdoğan’s claims, stating that Turkey would have done the same if rockets had been hitting Istanbul.[65]Erdoğan was interrupted by the moderator while he was responding to Peres. Erdoğan stated: “Mister Peres, you are older than I am. Maybe you are feeling guilty and that is why you are raising your voice. When it comes to killing you know it too well. I remember the children who were killed on beaches…” Upon the moderator’s reminder that they needed to adjourn for dinner, Erdoğan left the panel, accusing the moderator of giving Peres more time than all the other panelists combined.[66]

Following the Gaza flotilla raid in May 2010, tension between the two countries dramatically mounted. Erdoğan strongly condemned the raid, describing it as “state terrorism”, calling for Israeli leaders responsible to apologize. Erdoğan has described Israel as “the main threat to regional peace”, and has called for Israel’s nuclear facilities to come under IAEA inspection.[67] Erdoğan accused Israel of turning Gaza into an “open-air prison”.[68]

In 2012, after a round of rocket fire from Gaza aimed at Israel, followed by Israeli retaliatory strikes, Erdogan demanded that Israel must stop ‘massacre’ of Palestineans in Gaza, saying that it was a part of an Israeli campaign of “genocide” against the Palestinean people. [69]


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