An entry i wrote for topbastards

I had a bad experience of working with an NGO. Discrminating micromanging snobs who thought they bought me for to serve their egos for slavery for 20k!! lol!! the crappiest job i ever had! this was written probably a month before i resigned! for sake of decency the name is replaced with NGO but you know which one it is! 😉

Having just concluded my month and a quarter with the NGO, I feel I have a lot to say.I have only joined NGO about a month ago as a coordinator. And I am still grappling with its consummate energy. Come to think of it, in just a little over month I have managed a whirlwind 10 days tour of five government schools. A 14th august mela at Indus valley school of art and architecture as well as a volley ball fundraiser.

Getting to know yourself

What is an architect doing as a ‘coordinator’ at NGO you may ask? Well having practiced for nine years enhancing the physical fabric of the society with some of the top local firms has taught me a thing or two! That Creativity and variety are the spice of life and individuals with a greater diversity and broad range of interests live longer!! And yes I am learning a lot.

Cultural development and Cultural psychology are integrated subject of a comprehensive architectural practice and have historically fueled many art and architectural movements and styles. And what is a culture with out a known common identity?

I got interested in NGO work when I first heard of the festival.

Changing the Mental Environment

So I habitually googled and found out about the Ohp and its documentation. I really liked their profiling concept. I looked up the website for what interested me and that was it, people who spent time with Quaid and knew him on personal terms, who were there at the time of freedom movement and their systematic collection of still living people’s testimonies, of people from diverse social, economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds can serve a great deal and reduce prejudice and discrimination with in a complex society such as ours.

Suffice to say I became a silent admirer. I will be honest I never visited any of their events so I mostly followed with their news online and vowed to get involved when ever I got more time on my hands. Of course there are many ways to record a cultural history of a nation and there are other attempts to do the same also, but perhaps not with the same kind of energy and focus!

Giving is rewarding!!

I feel happy and positive in many ways with my experience at NGO. Working with school/ college/university students, these volunteers come from diverse backgrounds. These people are full of positive motivation and bursting energy. I mean, seriously! They seemingly eat normal food! They are eager to dedicate their energy and talents to social change of the future Pakistan. And watching them channeling a larger purpose of serving the patriotic fire and taking pride in being a Pakistani is inspiring.


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