On governance and separate unit of Karachi.

Mencius had an audience with King Hui of Liang.

The king said, “Sir, you did not consider a thousand li too far to come You must have some ideas about how to benefit my state.”
Mencius replied, “Why must Your Majesty use the word ‘benefit” All I am concerned with are the benevolent and the right.

If Your Majesty says, ‘How can I benefit my state?’ your officials will say, ‘How can I benefit my family,’ and officers and common people will say, ‘How can I benefit myself.’ Once superiors and inferiors are cornpeting for benefit, the state will be in danger.

When the head of a state of ten thousand chariots is murdered, the assassin is invariably a noble with a fief of a thousand chariots, When the head of a fief of a thousand chariots is murdered, the assassin is invariably head of a subfief of a hundred chariots. Those with a thousand out of ten thousand, or a hundred out of a thousand, had quite a bit. But when benefit is put before what is right, they are not satisfied without snatching it all.

By contrast there has never been a benevolent person who neglected his parents or a righteous person who put his lord last. Your Majesty perhaps will now also say,

‘All I am concerned with are the benevolent and the right. Why mention ‘benefit?’

Just read everything abt karachi to know that its problem is more of poor infrastructural planning of an important economic hub and port city than political. Thanks to all its previous confused governments with out prioritized economic focus.Karachi wasn’t planned LIKE  a port city should have been planned.

Those who think karachi as a separate unit is myopic neither know history nor present. What else does an administrative region mean if not the right solution?

the fact thatkarachiis a sindhi city doesn’t even apply! Historically,Karachiwas already annexed from sindh after 1880 as part of the Bombay Presidency which caused most resentment among the native Sindhi/balochis, thats is now transferring to current political setup of the “karachiites”

I am not saying it was right or wrong but i am glad that most ofKarachi’s current cultural history comesBritish India. When infact the indigenous Sindhi/Balochi demography was replaced by multilingual, multi-ethnic multicultural population of colonial era. Ending its tribal fabric.

Politically bhutto ruined the city when he nationalised industries in other provinces causing unemployed population influx in the name of roti kapra makan specially settling around Karachi in massive katchi abadis that Bhutto himself derived a lot of his political strength from. This unplanned mashrooming in the 70s  throughout and around the city after zia govt became mass market for everything illegal, becoming part of its underground economy now harboring god knows how many drug and ammo lords of all ethnicity, their habitats turned into entire shanty towns that even police and rangers cant enter into.  good glory of a thriving port city mismanaged into a night mare!

Karachi has the most educated population in Pakistan and Its politics has naturally grown from there, and its dynamic are different from language/tribes based politics of the other ethnically charged  provinces. An educated Balochis/punjabis/pushtoons should claim karachi equally too. Karachi feeds all. The entire business community is punjabi/memoni based. A separate setup will only organize the way city was supposed to be planned no matter what the political demographics

what is right and benevolent? whats the big deal with making more administrative units in Pakistan. Ofcourse there will always be political parties who will distort matters with ethnic rhetoric (sindhcard, punjabcard, baloch pakhtun mohajir card, etc)

Lets say one could neglect, isolate them. For a little while at least.  And focus on What is RIGHT?  I think karachi owes its civil war status to first and foremost its poor planning and then anything else.

The things is Karachi can win all, it feeds and generates most revenue for the country as a port city. But port cities dont grow with a failed infrastructures such as its mass transportation, law and order plus an ever expanding city with large distances.

How would the city work if its various part remain disconnected from one another in times of crises? shouldn’t a naturally sprawling city with so much going on and so much dependent on it get its own administration, if its peace provides what is right and benevolent to all?! A separate administrative unit is a win/win situation for all living in the city. Not only through the city it should happen for baluchistan, punjab, KPK and wherever else needed. Despite whatever political circumstances. it ll work. lets at least try to make it work.



Any one who disagrees with these administrative dividends and serious management plan is more myopic than the whole world that has already learnt it a long time ago! By any understanding of urban planing and management its is advisable for the health of a city!


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