corporate nationalism

a reason to believe….
in corporate nationalism!!

“I didn’t even have the speakers turned on and I could tell right away that this ad is made for saps who will suck at the teat of anyone with a kind word to say about their country and with a ‘touching’ message for ‘humanity’.”

Bhula do udaasi, umeedain khili hain

Dil mein busi zindagi, khuli ab khushi hai.

“Rather than sucking each other’s cocks and talking about how much you ‘love’ India and Pakistan, here’s a better idea: organise to boot out the pig-fuck leaders who rule both your countries, destroy (by which I mean violently smash) the feudal landlord systems, and expel imperialist involvement from the region. And do it on the basis of working class solidarity and internationalism rather than taking your cues from a company that sells sugar-water.”


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