Recent tweets: June

liberals in #Pakistan support social corruption. #military support economic corruption, #mullahs support religious corruption. is mulk ka tu #khudaHEhaafiz

Social Inequality creates class resentment sense of entitlement anger and anarchy #ppp #pmln #mqm wronging of rights and righting of wrongs

do rich kids hav the same competing grounds as poorkids?!#ISayThatAlot #SometimesYouJustNeedTo #question #quote#inequality #discrimination

this BUDGET rocked! Whatevr they subsidized went into flames of rupee inflation! Whn urnt honest all ur corruption reveals itself!

@adleyrichard @akchishti WRONG! Mqm is the only party for karachi! I duno wht the big deal is whn all othr provinces hv ethnic names!

@akchishti karachi isnt a sindhi city! Karachi for #capital of pakistan! Karachi MUST be restored!! We must fix the wrongs we did!

recently saw #saudiconsulate #Karachi? its architectural aesthetics r even better than #bilawalhouse#vomitconstructionsinkarachi = #PPP #Israeli influences


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