dollah republic of corruptistan

I know i am going to sound really horrible, negative and angry and bitter below. but i frankly, write this with a very clean objective heart. cos its not my personal problem, its the plight of this country, one day that i have spent like this living in Pakistan.

Its been there since i was born here. and i love this country i love everything abt it. i can make jokes about corruption although it makes me want to puke at time, cos my pedigree has stayed out of illegal ways of making money, although the younger lot feel rather confident that it is the only way to go about living in Pakistan and those who refuse to acknowledge it are living in utopia. I, disagree very strongly.

Cos i dont want to do any wrong. i am an honest person w/o religious connotations, (i have independent view on religion being brought in a hippy home with an atheist parent.  I cant say religion doesn’t require fair intropection and judgement of one self, before getting all preachy, I write my opinion of religion in the spiritual category)

but i do have a sense a VERY strong sense of whats right and wrong. A which i feel living in Pakistan people generally loose in political ethnic and social chaos.

But wrt the Chief Justice taking suo moto against own sons corruption! Wallah!! I am amazed the son made that decision, i cant hold CJ responsible. But dint he know he was in a vulnerable position to get caught like this on a spree of suo motos? and as a matter of principal shouldn’t he also resign? If he does the country will go into another turmoil wrt the PM conviction case, extending to Zardari who is prob gonna buy the next CJ in place?
Religion/morality/ethics are irrelevant in our country! The fact is: money is the official religion of Pakistan! military/mullah/politicians/liberals/conservatives/rightist/leftists all give oscar winning performances n pvtly bow just to money god. Incredible!!
~Excerpt from The Dollar Republic!


4 thoughts on “dollah republic of corruptistan

  1. Actually Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam but the Rulers which are elected by people or which are imposed on us failed completely to Implement Islam. Now the elite class is totally in favour of west …they don’t have interest in development of Pakistan. They just wanna rule and after they go to other countries to spend their life….

  2. I truly appreciate when:
    -You say you strongly disagree that corruption is the only way to survive.
    -You say that CJ should resign too, (coz its not logically possible that he dint knew what was going on all this time. I am sure they both are been just busted.)
    -You say Money has become the official language.

    and, Like always. Well said & Appreciated. 🙂

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