The Best of Pakistan doesnt get attention

The Best of Pakistan that you don’t see in the news IS NOT ABOUT ITS LEADERS AND SO-CALLED CHOSEN representatives. its more about the spirit of those leftover simple honest hard working people who dint migrate to large cities or abroad to change who they originally were. Pkistan is about those people. them and its natural beauty!

following is the list of improving trends in our society as seen and compiled by website i ll lookup others and post em here too.

1. Second largest gas infrastructure in the world:

2. World class educational institutions:

3. One of the most independent media in the world + stature of the journalists:

4. An outstanding road network:

5. The fastest growing telecom network:

6. Tech power:

7. Pakistan joined the aerospace club by producing its own aircraft:

8. Submarine production:

9. Largest ambulance service in the world:

10. State of the art teaching hospitals and research centers:

11. The Citizens Foundation:

12. Land of the music legends:

13. Art:

14. A resilient judiciary:


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