“A Stubborn Attempt to Think Clearly”

what would it be if you lived in Pakistan? “Seek simplicity, but distrust it.” — Alfred North Whitehead
and i d agree. all objective faculty in human reasoning  has issued from a new audacity of imagination.”

the problem in Pakistan is, there is so much of negativity, if you point to reality your are considered a pessimist. you cant say something about reality, reality being that of common man and not elite as they are two different things that can deem you a realist.

the elite can of course choose, cos they got CHOICES to be optimist, idealist,capitalist,opportunist, communist,sexist, nihilist as their life progresses into different phase of evolution.

the poor have only one way to go up. sheer will power that will destroy dignity, and optimism of faith, waiting for some miracle to happen. as Seneca said : “There is no great genius without some touch of madness.” they have various choices from all kinds of unsystematic chaos called life in Pakistan.

these are two diffrent raelities and possibilities of choices in Pakistan.  depending on which angle you look at it from whether you call it factual or imaginary.


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