Burnes Road :Karachi

‎(Excerpt from ‘Karachiwala)
“Burnes Road stretches north from the city campus of NED University and crosses Frere Road to meet M. A. Jinnah Road. The area dates from the British colonial period. Named after Dr James Burnes, a nineteenth century British doctor who had successfully treated Mir Murad Ali Khan Talpur, one of the last Talpur rulers of Sindh, it is frequented by food-loving people of Karachi’s middle and lower middle classes for its inexpensive yet delicious traditional Pakistani food.
Here, within the radius of 1km—encompassing several streets and a host of surrounding alleys, known in its entirety as ‘Burnes Road’—are dozens of eateries and food stalls offering an amazing variety of food. Walking through the area is like going through one giant, stretched-out food bazaar.”

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