Neo colonialism

We live in a propaganda society and clashes of cultures. Information is so profusely meddled that knowledge of right and wrong and wisdom and regard for humanity is gone!!  political leadership around the world stands between cross roads of strategic compromises to taking the right action. Making decision is long, complicated and perplexing process in the hands of red tape and corporatocracy while humanity suffers at their hands. Add to it clashes of eastern and western thoughts and culture. The world is loosing its collective contributing capability is looking for a new leadership.

“Those who think colonialism is dead, think again. Neocolonialism is very much alive. Africa is in a cesspool because the west covets it’s mineral wealth. Think about it. You in America consume chocolate, coffee and coke everyday. Where do the cocoa and metal for the wrappers in the chocolate, coffee beans for coffee and the metal for beverage can tins, come from? The answer is Africa. If Africa were to become sane and stable, the west would NOT be able to pay for cocoa, coffee beans and metal. I am not even getting into metal that is used everywhere, including your precious IPODS and Laptops or the diamonds that sell for $20 in US malls. It’s all coming from Africa.

Last year in Greece, a racist Australian told me that the “whites” send food aid to the blacks and browns. I was so shocked that I couldn’t react. The “west” has become so used to opportunism, exploitation and consumption that they have lost a grip on the hard core reality.”

Imperial hubris is ever so delightful.
As for Swiss Bank accounts, they are aided and abetted by the west or else the Alpine mountains of Switzerland would be impoverished, if they weren’t using African cocoa to make the world’s finest chocolate and sitting on top of African, Pakistani et al embezzled public funds. On top of that Switzerland claims to be “nuetral,” whatever that means. It should bow down in thanks to Africa everyday.”

aliya anjum author


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