Preaching to the wrong choir: Twitter July

what is left to be more important anymore? leftwing,  rightwing or KNOWING?!

dear pakistani dakus of all cast creed ethnicity! pls come fwd so #ppp cn select u on MERIT as #PM! #equalopprtunity for all here #SMBB #fb

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” — Robert Frost #quote

why these so called liberal civil society reps not raise hue n cry over human rights violations in democracies? #pleasetellme

why no democratic pakistani govt spends strategises more for education if thy wanted to empower common man #pleasetellme

how does civil politics work better than monarchy dictatorship rules when leaders have sold their souls to devil #pleasetellme

#pleasetellme looting pludering humanrights violating journalists buying corporatocracy #ppp enforcing democractic coup isnt a martyr!

why is independent thinking a crime in #pakistan ? #pleasetellme

why is religion is a game of paid politics, american and arab funding and not ethics or morality in #pakistan#pleasetellme

why is #liberalism in #pakistan primarily a paid entity?! #pleasetellme

how is democratic coup any better than judicial media and religious coup? #Mediagate #pleasetellme

y dont V wail n cry the same over common man? where was human rights and resposnibility in pakistani democracy? #pleasetellme

while we EVOLVE in guise of #democracy should we allow the gang of humanity loot and plunder if not removed? #pleasetellme

While You Were Slipping KESC #LoadSheddingFilms

#LoadSheddingFilms The Good, the Bad and the KESC

#LoadSheddingFilms KESC and the city


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