Karachi food : BBQ, Bar-b-q, Tikka, best bbq in karachi, bihari boti

the Karachi chicken tikka is the only next best king of desi staple diet after scrumptious Biryani. Simple and sufficient, A spicilicious tikka is available at every city nook and cranny around the city of lights.

Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

Arguably the best tikka in town, Ghaffar serves one mean piece of barbecued chicken. Perfectly cooked to its core without being burnt, the tikka is one of the most tender we’ve ever had. The owners claim that the secret to Ghaffar’s tikka perfection lies in its marination technique, a secret process that takes a total of 8 hours. The price ranges between Rs.130 to 140, depending on the piece. Order a
couple of their delicious parathas on the side and the combo is lethal.
Café Chullu Subhani
A perfect choice if you like the heat turned down a notch and sides fancier then chutni and chappati. The tikka at Café Chullu Subhani is certainly not their most popular item on their menu but according to our critics one of the best. Served with a tray of rice topped with a slab of butter (Irani style), and fries, this tikka meal is one of our picks because the chicken piece itself is light and aromatic and the entire combination satisfying and wholesome. It is listed under the ‘dishes for foreigners’ category on the menu and is priced at a decent Rs. 230.
Baluchistan Sajji (Gulistan-e-Jauhar)
The malai tikka at this takht-style resto is a rarity to say the least. Far richer then its lal mirch marinated counterpart, this cream enhanced delicacy has that extra kick if you wantsomething a little more special. Only available in a chicken  chest piece, the tikka is barbecued to perfection. The meat is juicy, succulent and tender! It tastes equally good with paratha, chapati and naan. Customer Service is a top priority here, with the waiting time reaching to a bare ten minutes. This filled rarity costs only Rs 130 and must not be missed out!
Meerath Kabab House (North Nazimabad)
The real Meerath Kabab House is easily one of the most popular barbecue joints in Karachi. Out of all of the scrumptious items on their menu, their juicy Chicken Bihari Tikka makes our list of the top five tikkas. These chicken pieces are spiced and lathered generously with
yoghurt and garlic, and of course lemon juice for the extra kick. The chicken literally breaks off the bones with a mere touch and melts in your mouth, just the way a good Bihari chicken should. The next time you want an inexpensive and supremely satisfying meal, think Meerath! The setting is informal, with a family hall included, and the price is Rs.120.
Baluchi Tikka Medina Hotel
For hardcore chicken lovers, the Baluchi Tikka is a must try. Not your average city fare, you’ll have to drive up to the highway for this one and look for Medina Hotel located after the toll plaza. Unlike the traditional chicken tikka, it’s Baluchi counterpart is deep fried and pricing is at Rs.800 per kilogram. You can choose your cut, and after a wait of forty minutes get crispy fried chicken tikka garnished with
chillies and a sprinkling of masala. The location might not be the most glamorous one but is definitely more relaxing then the usual city kabab houses, and makes for a great drive with friends and family.


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