perhaps the most under-reported uprising in the Arab Spring protests. Who would have an interest, then, in such an escalation?

ME THINKS all these research fellows in Islamic and middle eastern studies really help define how the united states can intervene, test, disperse and capitalize on its old and new ammo depots! the find buyers everywhere!

Saudi Arabia’s Shiite escalation

The diplomatic reporter wrote: “Al-Nimr resides in Awamiyya, which is a notoriously radical Shi’a village in the Qatif oasis referred to half-jokingly by other Qatifis as ‘Little Falluja.'” As one Shiite contacttold PolOff, (political officer)”every house in Awamiyya has a gun… seriously.”

while Pakistanis are stuck in “to show bikini or hide Ahmedi debate!” the world is moving ahead :/  FAST! 


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