Alchemy of Joy : bar dikkhawwa

A conversation between two friends, who are poles aprt in everything but their friendship! we ll call them Person A, and Person B.

The person B: is a passive aggressive, or accepts the role of, a victim.

The person A: is actually type A personality, pressures, coerces or persecutes , and often seeks person C if themselves not playing the “rescuer” who intervenes to help the situation of the underdog improve! in this case Searching for the right one!

Person A: Metaphysics is truly powerful!

Person B: ahan!

Peron A: our thoughts process gets our mind to achieve what it is we universally and ultimately desire!

Person B: ahan! and whats that?

Person A: joy!! so what do you want??

Person B: DUNNO!!

Person A: lets sort it out now.

Person B: …it d be easier if i actually had it all sorted!!

Person A: give it a shot!!

Person B: …..

Person A: ok! You abhor whiny types so that’s a category!!

Person B: hmmm

Person A: Physically? some one …muscular or toned? like x?

Person B Not really….!! and x is ….
Person A: …classy/ formal?
Person B: yeah…. totally!!and…..traditional or conventional

Person A: …outdoorsy?
Person B: hmmm.

Person A: intelligent or intellectual?
Person B: well does formal education matter anymore?

Person A: well that has its own disadvantages! so think abt it! everything will be analysed! and you dont want the rest of your life in a courtroom.

Person B: I would be ok. if a guy is actually soft-hearted or sensitive too

Person A: ok. then ….trendy, stylish, or urban?
Person B: why do i look a paindoo to you?
Person A: not necessary a villager!! there are urban paindoos too!!

Person B: Too modest or innocent is kind of a creepy fake dark depressing constipated scenario.
Person A: ahaan! ok so..confident….not metrosexual but ….well-groomed

Person A: Age?
Person B: Nope! Sense of humor, sleep habits, energy levels!

Person A: OH KAAAY….sexually suggestive or seductive? (laughs)
Person B: If by that you mean flirty then hell yeah! not with others but me i.e

Person A ok final question: …upbeat?.. or very serious?
Person B: i want person x!



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