English speaking rap song called awaam

mushrooming of type songs now…funky , English speaking c-walking lot neo revolutionists, , sprinkled with, abusive language, dunno whether to laugh or cry! 

new hit on social media with offers from corporation buyout, in comments LOL!  wish it was REALLY about intelligent debate in Pakistan, WITH people genuinely interested in discussing the best way to govern our country, the political process should be your KASUTI. The only problem is: our democratic elections aren’t merited or decided by the the educatedly or the wise— they’re decided by common hapless Pakistanis who probably watch songs like these and stay the same. So here it is, another example  full of saeen rhetoric and in case they don’t make more songs like these , lacking substance, what are your other options on media any way? hero tv?! or politicians like mullahs shouting match over an irrelevant topic or insulting each other, and enjoy living in a world in which ttp mullahs  are formidable contender for supreme political power. I wish we could think about politics without our heads exploding. yet!! “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” said PLATO.


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