Sympathy For The Devil

ELECTRICITY shortages in Pakistan have costed people their deserved salaries, jobs , as well as businesses, even peace pf mind at home, severely degrading their financial, and obviously mental health leading to not to mention general deteriorated quality of life. People are taking to the streets and burning tyres to register their anguish. even committing suicides, finding no way out.

But what to say that Dr. Asim isnt botheresd about that! he doesnt have to deal with these “individual” issues of power, water, betterment of citizens lifestyles, health, education, employment, security or development needs, NOPE, he has a got a “bigger picture” in his head obeying his “boss”  kickback, election ticket auctions, new political pawns, new  martyrs, new alliances, next government, after thats what a heavily mandated democrazy means right?!



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