after independence, 2 nation theory Pakistan ka matlab kya

I strongly believe Blasphemy laws should ONLY apply to Muslims and never on NONmuslims anyway!

infact! women are sacred too there should be blasphemy rights for disrespecting women! and why not?
the top seat of govt is sacred too, their should be blasphemy rights for governing Pakistan also!!

add to it police, health, banks , corporate, media, judiciary, army should all come under blasphemy rights!! humans are sacred too!!!!

Thanks to poor leadership and lack of vision  after the founders of Pakistan, our intellectual custodians, ethnic distribution and intolerance, religious tendencies taking over professional matters,  the military mullah ittehad and constant American interference with our security matters, following the end of the tug of cold war Pakistan got distracted seriously as a ntion and forgot that the success of a nation actually lies not just in one linear dogmatic ideology but in the successive progressive realization of not unworthy but worthy goals!!

dilemmas of a failed nation!


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