Muhammad: the man even Muslims don’t know


The Holocaust (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστος holókaustos: hólos, “whole” and kaustós, “burnt”), also known asthe Shoah (Hebrew: השואה, HaShoah, “catastrophe”; Yiddish: חורבן, Churben or Hurban, from the Hebrew for “destruction”, was the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II

Muslim Genocide in Arab world is underway, Holocaust doesnt even match up the atrocities committed by civil war and hatred among the the same sects! 

add to it

some views i read off the social media today:


There was a  man who lost his parents but refused to be called an orphan.

He never used that as an excuse to not make something of his life. He was man enough to love a strong, independent woman years older than him; married her, respected her, worked for her and made her stronger, opened his heart to her, shared his fears with her, cleaned after himself, sewed his clothes, and was faithful to her till
her last breath.

He was respectful to every single woman he came across. He was good looking, courageous and fearless. He never judged anyone on their pasts, socio-economic or religious background, or looks, and was moderate, open-minded and tolerant, as well as absolutely honest.

His personality was infused with calmness and intuitive wisdom. His was kind to Jewish neighbor and his cousin-in-law  Christian priest.

He was beaten and exiled when he was helpless. Was merciful when he became stronger, forgiving the masses who had reviled and tortured him. Intelligent, wise and a hard worker, built a nation out of rivaling tribes in the last 20 years of his life.

He loved his daughters and grandchildren, allman kind and and humanity at large and he had nothing but love and respect for all.

His last will was of equality, piety and good action. This man is the Prophet Mohammad, a man worth looking up to – peace be upon him. More than any film anyone across the world can make, it is you and I, the followers of Muhammad [PBUH], who represent him and reflect his life and teachings. Let us remember that!


If our Prophet Muhammad SAW was alive today, this movie would not have hurt him as much as the state of emaan of this ummah would have. He would have cried over the empty mosques, the prevailing western/indian culture, the immodest dressing of men and women, the banking system, the long forgotten value of blood relations, the bidahs, the ignoring of madrasas and environment of so called higher education universities. The list goes on and on. This was not why he spent nights and nights crying for, in front of Allah SWT.

If you are sitting at home cursing these illiterate kiraye k gunday for ruining the state of your country then stop right there and think of what you should be doing for the love of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. PLEASE follow what Allah taught him in the form of Quran and Sunnah. And insha Allah youll see no person in this entire world will have the courage to even make a smallest joke of our Deen-e-Islam. Ameen


Where were All these protesters when thousand of muslims were killed in Syria and other places? Just because a movie uploaded on Youtube and everyone is getting mad after Youtube and Google.

Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him Always set examples of Tolerance , Forgiveness and Peace. What we are doing here is getting violent and destroying our own motherland.

We never follow the teachings of the

 prophet but get mad in His Name. The person who produced the film must be enjoying after seeing all this that he has the power to ignite fire in the muslim world.Its We who are making Him happy. If we simply had ignore the Film the artist would have did in his anger that nothing happened to the muslims after such a shameful film. Artists always need appreciation and response. And we the ignorant Muslims gave him a full response and made the film successful.

We can protest in a peaceful manner too but we always choose the wrong way and make everyone laugh at us. These Mullahs who think they own Islam they have learned nothing from the life of The prophet. And now They are celebrating Yaum -e-Ishq-e- Rasool.

Duhhhh Plz get a life.

If we Obey What the prophet says and follow his lifestyle, then we dont need such days to show effection to the Prophet. Our actions should show the love to Him. Why we need a DAY to express love to Him??????????????????


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