Palestine: Gaza: bombs and fireworks

Hazrat Ali (A.S) was following a funeral and as it was passing along a road, somebody laughed loudly ( a sign of discourtesy and lack of manner ). Hearing this laugh, Imam Ali remarked, ” Some of us feel that death is meant for everybody except themselves or it is destined to others and not to themselves or those whom we see dying around us are only travelers going on a journey and will come back to us. It is a sad sight to see that in one moment we commit them to earth and in the next we take hold of the things left by them as if we are going to remain permanently in this world after them. The fact is that we forget sensible advice given to us and become victim of every calamity.

They are asking you morsels of battle. So either you remain in ignominy and the lowest position or drench your swords with blood and quench your thirst with water. Real death is in the life of subjugation while real life is in dying as subjugators

Imam Ali (as) – sermon # 51 – Nehaj-ul Balagha


“One of Israel’s most eminent writers, Boaz Evron, described the technique of the occupation succinctly: “to keep them on a short leash,” to make sure that they recognize “that the whip is held over their heads.” That makes more sense than slaughter, because then civilized folk can “accept it all peacefully,” asking “What is so terrible? Is anyone being killed?”
Noam Chomsky – Pirates and Emperors

Whn a bomb goes off we tell them its a firework”
Karmel in #Gaza tells, how they explain the war to little children!
~death to king bibi
~ death to Israel.


innalillah… This is a human tragedy! No human right is speaking against this! No UNO can enforce any intervention! All fake champions of humanity are silent.
At least, Now no one can pretend they didn’t know it was happening.

Its important to not only say a prayer for this angel and his/her parents, wherever they are. Hope they find peace.
But to speak out openly against the atrocity that is being conducted n synchronized w other world affairs!

Marg bar israel.  marg bar america for being the largest nuclear bio weapon of mass destruction, largest arms manufacturer and exporter  of arms and simultaneous  rhetoric ineffective peace talks, bullying  hypocritically and banning smaller and weaker countries from developing their own arms, nuclear or otherwise

Mar bar (death to) all murderers,and their enablers around the world!! Amen.


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