The Way Forward

The phenomenon of urbanization in the 21st century compels us to devise strategies which will not only lead towards fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), at the same time provide acceptable standards of quality of urban life.

§ Let us begin with a national urban policy and the ways to accommodate the mushrooming populace through extensions or satellites.

§ Let us ensure formulation and implementation of civic structure plans/master plans for sustainability and orderly growth of our urban centres.

§ Let us foster pride based on our historic legacy, provide protection to urban heritage, develop heritage districts and integrate heritage enclaves into contemporary urban structure plans.Urban Identity Through Heritage & Sustainable Architecture Heritage Foundation 9 of 9

§ Let us provide maintenance and adaptive re-use of historic architecture as significant examples of sustainable buildings and as a means to humanize the urban environment Let us transfer the knowledge of sustainable traditional materials and vernacular construction techniques from rural areas into the mainstream.

§ Let us help marginalized urban communities to have access to economical and sustainable building methods and use of their own skills for safe shelter.

§ Let us introduce mass transit systems for the convenience of the general public, and minimize the use of private vehicles.

§ Let us give priority to foot-travellers, by introducing landscaped pedestrianized areas and walking streets in all downtown. Let us have designed urban spaces for human interaction to counteract anonymity, harshness and brutality.

§ Let us ensure the implementation of all zoning, planning and building byelaws for the safety and well being of the populace. Let us raise our voice when due to corruption or malpractice, heritage buildings are pulled down, urban open
spaces are usurped or trees are felled, or when buildings violate structural and safety codes.

§ Let us make our cities women-friendly, that would lead to better facilities for the marginalized, elderly, disabled and children.

§ Let us create youth-responsive enclaves, through conception of of creative, leisure and sports facilities.

§ Let us bring a high level of design in our urban centres, whether for the privileged or the disadvantaged, through well-designed signage for streets or places, street furniture and plantation.

And above all, let us strive to make each city, a City of Peace


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