“I am 86 now, too old to pen weekly columns. Besides what’s there to write about with the same old politics and same old politicians. Do you really believe that they will go away? — Photo
Cowasjee was known for his outspoken criticism of politicians and the religious right. “I don’t do it for the money,” the LA Times quoted him in a 2008 interview. “What they pay me wouldn’t even buy this tie. It’s an exercise of the mind. I do it to be sane. Because nothing works with logic in this place.”

“If we had only followed Jinnah’s words, there would have been no problem,” he says. Regular readers of his column know that he is fond of repeating what Jinnah is said to have told Cowasjee senior: ˜Mark my words, each successive government of Pakistan will be worse than its predecessor”.

Well written from the heart isnt good enough for publishing fr mainstream media in Pakistan (so much fr freedom of expression!) even anger, loathing, n disgust for obvious issues has to be masked w polite civility n neutral acknowledgment! only one old man i karachi Packaged it right, to cowasjee! w love!


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