Take a penny, leave a penny

democracy is the best revenge!! HEC among other institution has never been a priority of this or most Pakistani govts!

as a tribute to his father: http://tribune.com.pk/story/473753/a-tribute-to-my-father/

i think what the writer is trying to explain is disguised under his passion and love for his dad! in actuality all here agree that Dr. Sohail Naqvi is a great person with many contribution to HEC, instead of being honored and acknowledging his many years of service, he was unceremoniously and illegally dismissed off his post, his successor, a political appointed, perhaps incompetent fool who would more like not being on merit undo Dr sb and his team’s sincere keen efforts for higher education in Pakistan! Dr Sb. has been added to along list of unacknowledged sincere professionals who haven’t been allowed to a) fully use their capabilities and qualifications in promoting education at any level in Pakistan (thanks to which look where we stand?)
b) at the end of their careers they are usually made out to be an example of what merit means to to failed govt and what happens to people working for right priorities for their nation!

the question is do we ever acknowledge appreciate raise voice for and praise our intellectual and cultural erudite on merit anyway, until it hits personally and bitterly?


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