Why civil war is unacceptable in islam!

Continuously a question is being thrown that why our Ulema do not give directions to shed blood of the people in the ranks of the enemy when Shias are being continuously target killed. Some emotional youth have even gone to the extent of terming the most respected, knowledgeable and practicing Ulema as “selfish” and indifferent to Shia killings due to vested interests. Thus they continue to malign and attack on the personalities of Ulema on forums like Facebook.

Following are the few points that we hope will be considered by youth thinking on the above mentioned lines:

1. We can not, in ANY circumstance, kill an innocent being, even if he belongs to the group involved in target killing of Shias. We can only prepare the best for our defense.

Thus, if person ‘A’ kills a Shia, we can not go and kill a friend or brother of the killer ‘A’. If we do, it is not a service to Islam, but a clear violation of code of conduct for war. And if we kill any innocent person who has never attacked a Shia, we will actually be coming under the famous “Murder of one innocent human is the murder of whole humanity”.

2. Maligning the personalities of, accusing Ulema of or using offensive langauge for them just because they do not act according to what we think, makes us sinful with respect to Tohmat, and ignorance of the religious teachings relevant to the current situation.

3. Killing of 100 innocent shias does not justify the killing of even a single innocent non-shia. Thus such arguments should be stopped. What we should do is to remain vigilent, and take all possible measures to defend at the moment we are attacked so that attackers and killers can be punished under the law. If one shia woman is widowed, we can NOT cause a non-shia woman to lose her husband who has never attacked any shia.

4. Therefore, all are requested to be cautious what they say and how they react about the current situation. Never give comments publicly without getting confirmation and endorsement from the respected and practicing Ulema. Because one wrong interpretation harms not only the individual, but all shias as a community.

5. Please get in touch with Ulema regarding the situation and continuously occuring attacks, and try to understand why we can’t react by killing innocent beings instead of the real killers with the same cruelty. It is not good to give comments about the course of actions shias should take without complete knowledge of the religious rulings related to the matter.

Imam Jaffar Sadiq(A.S) says: “For a Momin, it is sufficient as help from ALLAH, that he finds his enemy involved in disobedience of ALLAH”


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