Imamat (Guidance) in Qura’an

Photo: ‎اسی آیت کے ذٰل میں فخر الدین رازی ابن عباس سے نقل کرتے ہیں : رسول اللہ نے اپنا ہاتھ اپنے سینہ پر مارا اور فرمایا : میں منذر ہو ں ۔ پھر علی کے کندھے کی طرف اشارہ کیا اور فرمایاتو ہادی ہے اور تیرے ذریعے میرے بعد ہدایت پانے والے ہدایت پائیں گے ۔ ۱ تفسیر کبیر فخر رازی جلد ۱۹ ص۱۴ یہ روایت اہل سنت کے مشہور عالم علامہ ابن کثیر نے اپنی تفسیر میں اسی طرح علامہ ابن صباغ مالکی نے ” فصول المہمہ “ میں ، گنجی شافعی نے کفایة الطالب میں ، طبری نے اپنے تفسیر میں ، ابو حیان اندلسی نے اپنی تفسیر ” بحر المحیط“ میں ، علامہ نیشاپوری نے اپنی تفسیر میں اور اسی طرح دیگر بہت سے علماء نے نقل کی ہے۔‎

The disbelievers say, “Why is it that no sign has been sent down to him from his Lord?” You are but a warner; and for every people there is a guide.

Our world as we know it is falling apart. our leaders have lost the most genuine of human traits in aspiring towards more and more power (for what??) Why has there been no new global leadership? Because the new priorities, the new needs are not yet clear. why did we squeeze God into volume of a body n span of a lifetime? given it a male identity, a racial background n translated it all wrong? why shd we leave the questions of faith behind jst cos ppl ve used it to become divisive, quarrelsome and idiotic? Theres so much discrimination! everywhere in society! In skin, faith and language and having etc!

democrazines has led to a global circus, Our leader have lost touch with reality, their have lost their willingness to Engage, Perceptiveness, Flexibility & Openness, Emotional Regulation, Tolerance of Uncertainty, Self-Efficacy, Ethnocultural Sensitivty and most of all their integrity to honestyan sincerity in guise of “democratic” compromises!

global diffusion; major shifts in demographics; rising food water energy. demand n yet #Pakistan stuck in old feuds

one of the contemporary bourgeois reformist conceptions according to which the existence of a substantial number of political organizations of various classes (parties, trade unions, associations of entrepreneurs, etc.) in contemporary capitalist society leads to the diffusion of political power in this society. The political organization of capitalist society is portrayed as the collective rule of these organizations, which counterbalance each other and influence in equal measure the state, which consequently loses its class character.

the world is now waiting. for a leader and guide to bring calm and harmony. Spirtuality is also centralising the world as more information about the connection between our inner and outer worlds is coming to light.

Imamat Leadership  is a worldwide phenomenum that future leaders would acquire to effectively understand the psychological, physiological, geographical, geopolitical, anthropological and sociological effects of power and information and communication centres.

It will consider but will not be restricted to incorporating Language(s) Physiological factors Socialization Geographically based factorsAnthropological factors Socio-economic factors Race, ethnicity & color Sex and Gender Physical Disability to perpetuate its cause of bringing peace and justice to society.

Imamat  occurs when an individual or individuals navigate collaborative efforts of different stakeholders through environmental complexity towards a singular vision by leveraging a worldwide outlook.


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