Beauty lies in Vernacular

Bumthang is the 19th century former residence of the Chongye Bumthang family. The house was originally scheduled for demolition and left derelict for most of 1998. It was chosen for rehabilitation as a cooperation project between Lhasa City Cultural Relics Office (LCRRO) and THF, and LCRRO decided that the Ancient Arts Construction Company was to carry out the work. The Bumthang House is a very interesting building, because of its unusual layout, and the high quality of the surviving details, but the rehabilitation project had limitations because it was the rehabilitation of a single, isolated building only. Originally, in late 1996, THF had discussed with the Lhasa Construction Office the possibility to begin a rehabilitation program that would cover the entire Lubu neighbourhood. The Lubu area at that time consisted of a wonderful ensemble of 18 historic buildings, stretching from the Lubu square (an important ceremonial square) to Bumthang and beyond.


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