“We’re a little nuts”

to aspiring students of architecture.

hi! studios are competitive and you don’t want to look like a wimP. In juries it’s true that architects can be pretty cutthroat. Architecture business is a harsh mistress. if you think doctors have it bad you shd watch most architects work seven days a week for a minimum of 18+ hours a day. the salary/income isnt that great. Aarchitects often work through injuries or illness. It’s a younger person’s business. It takes a lot of energy,” he says. “It’s also rough because you work while other people play. 


by now you must know that architecture is articulation of society’s desires in space, what new desires should we consider? by now you should be asking what are the questions of our time that we should be asking to architects, urban planners and policy makers to redefine the way in which we build our cities and territories? What underrepresented spaces, individuals or collectives need to be explored?  And, what are the agents, authorities or organizations from which the competitions should be promoted? Architects been spending too much time designing buildings, to actually think about humanity! If architects are purveyors of ideas, rather than just designers of buildings, they face stiff competition. 

Real architects can’t tell you the number weekends, eid, bakraeid, holidays, family gatherings, etc etc
I had to work while climbing my way up in the business. We have a crazy culture of being a tough guy or girl.


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