dance of the wounded

Ishq mein tere kohe gham, sar pe liya jo ho so ho
Aish’o nishaat’e zindagi, chhod diya jo ho so ho

Mujh se mareez ko tabiib,haath too apna mat lagaa
Isko khuda pe chod de,bahr’e khuda jo ho so ho

Aql ke madrase se uth, ishq ke maikade mein aa
Jaam’e fanaa’o bekhudi, ab to piya jo ho so ho

Hijr ki jo museebatein arz kiin uske rubaru
Naaz’o adaa se muskura kehne lagaa jo ho so ho

Hasti ke is saraab mein raat ki raat bas rahe
Subh’e adam huaa numoo, paaon uthaa jo ho so ho

Dunia ke nek’o bad se kaam, humko niyaz kuch nahin
Aap se jo guzar gaya, use kia jo ho so ho


Geeta Vadhera attributes this song to Hafez, the great 14th century Persian mystic and poet, and has has translated it as follows:

Now that I have decided to seek you, I will search regardless of what happens to me.

Its one thought at the very root level to be in harmony. My hands you see here – relaxed, fold, and unfolding thoughts within – All is yours – the boldness of the image that you see has a subtle softness to be one with silence.

No shades of colours just black, grey and white. No waves remaining at all. So you see the red element only in the backdrop, leaving behind the noise. Just as, as if you dive deep into the ocean, there are no waves. The deeper you go, the calmer, the more graceful, the more peaceful you get.


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