on the edge of a flip out

we know we are a high strung nation! Our minds are so constricted like a tight muscle—we can’t expect it to move as long as it’s cramped.  we are “intense” or “hardcore” in every NATIONAL situation of our lives!  We have wailed our way through every national crises instead of just plain old breathing, waiting, thinking and seeing, putting an action that materialized through any consensus into a historic and global perspective. 

our depression started as we developed under abusive egotistical and self-centered leadership, . we are always very anxious and not necessarily able to experience happiness or any kind of fun or whatever we never had time to form our own identity, if you like, or recover from our development we are so confused, don’t know who we are or what we are. And we don’t have anybody in us, or  around us who we knew before,  so we are not seeing our self reflected back at our leaders.. Its a massive identity crisis. Being Pakistani is living constantly on the edge of a flip out.

We exhaust our self ..and, well, we exhaust other countries sometimes too. We all get this patriotic energy going, and it goes in the wrong directions for example our political, ethnic and religious vision dont ever match up with our fellow citizens at large to bring about a real change! our  politicians sit on media channels having all kinds of crazy shouting matches and do nothing but suck us and our resources dry.

Every political differences is a personal attack to our politicians and is a huge crisis on their larger than lives egos, we don’t believe in modesty and humility. Our diverging political, ethnic and religious visions are ACTUALLY  a matter of do or die. The things that make us who we have become are a result of years and years of  old conditioning of public opinion,  religious outworn beliefs, ritualized thinking, social habits, political inertia, fear of future and low expectations from just about anything in life.

but i still love Pakistan and i love being Pakistani!


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