Mis Fit Hurray!!!

It’s this: great accomplishment usually takes the impertinence not to fit into the suffocating status quo. Consider the following. Steve Jobs is a misfit — an unashamedly unbuttoned creative in a role usually reserved for the most robotically droidly of beancounters. Larry and Sergey are misfits.Shigeru MiyamotoGordon Ramsay, Jay-ZJK RowlingIndra Nooyi, Arianna Huffington? All slightly off-center outsiders — all challengers of the status quo, who’ve never quite fit neatly into its drab, bureaucratically predefined, dumbed-down boxes. Whomever you’d like to add to the list above, of this much I’m virtually certain: they’ll probably be a misfit.

the biggest and most unforgivable crime industrial age institutions commit againstour humanity is to deny us the freedom of our own singular humanity. They stifle us at every turn, fitting us into neat boxes, relentlessly and brutally pressuring us — when they’re not pulverizing us — to conform, obey, fit in, toe the party line.


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