My karachi

karachi is for lovers (and losers)

as inhabitants we are obsessed with the karachi of yesterday; the way you were rather than what you have become. we miss those times when you were young, reckless and charming. now, your hair has grayed, your back is hunched, you are cynical and set in your ways. these are accusations we throw at you on a daily basis without thinking about how we would feel if the same was done to us.
perhaps it is time for us to embrace the wrinkles and missing teeth and recognize your silver hair as a sign of wisdom as compared to a mark of old age. maybe we just need to find beauty in the present as compared to always clawing at it in the past.

or, we can alternatively give you an uncle inspired makeover and buy you lots of hair dye and pretend that time, and the way we have treated you, has no impact on the way you look and behave. 


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