Abbas Town traagedy unfolds #shiagenocide Continues

Last evening another carnage took place here in karachi, pakistan. End of a weekend. 45 including children and women died! 135 injured, 40 families scarred for life. 200 houses, 150 shops destroyed!

 The blast occurred as the Maghrib prayer was drawing to a close. So it must be between 6.50 and 6.55pm. Even though the Masjid-i-Bilal is almost two kilometres from Abbas Town, it appeared the bomb had exploded in the mosque’s forecourt. That should give us an idea of the bomb’s killing power.

The stoned crippled govt acts shocked, sheds crocodile tears, announces compensation. The ulemas announce mourning, Mutahidda announces strike, schools, businesses announce a shut down in karachi.

Sharmila was getting married last night.

( she is a Pakistani politician who served as advisor to the CMSindh is daughter of Usman Farooqi, who was a bureaucrat and former chairman of Pakistan Steel Mill. Usman Farooqui, Anisa Farooqui, and Shermila Farooqui stole enough from Steel Mills, and Pakistan. They are alleged criminals of highest order. During ther arrests documents relating to the illegal payments, and deposits of kick-backs from private parties to other banks in London, UAE were obtained. She is the niece of Salman Farooqi, a well-known confidante of President Asif Ali Zardari.)

She got married to Hasham Riaz Sheikh (another confidante of zardari) at mohatta palace, diverting all security there, the elites rejoiced, drinks are served, networking continued, as karachi bled. Just another day in paradise!

KARACHI this morning! is mourning!! like the rest of Pakistan!

is a complete shutdown was being observed in Karachi as the city mourned on Monday the bombing that occurred a day earlier in the city’s Abbas Town, killing at least 45 people and wounding 137 others.

Karachi shuts down to protest Abbas Town tragedy.


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