Of politics, globalism, democracy and religion. A sunday post.

We are taught to think of utopia, in the name of an american dream, the paradise and life here after. We are taught money is what makes the world go around, some say allah makes the world go around, and rest say lusting after land, waelth, commodities, and women is what makes the world go around.

Money is the world’s common denominator after politics of religion, migration and wars on all scales,media is also part of the equation but more as a variable than a constant.

Politics.  Social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power!! is what makes the world go around for the crafty ones in the name of “social service”

So “humanism” or the real quality of being human actually unites us. But we have politics and people who play it divide us in opinions of differences, in the name  of race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, marriage, relationships, religion, culture, colour, nationality, language, and sects. these politicians train themselves to speak eloquently on highlighting these differneces. the diffrenecs being misunderstanding of cultural social expressions highlighted to create enemies.

Some times they shed tears, show national integrity by false or exaggerated tales of  superiority and grandeur and pride. with their party flags they yell and scream to tech us how to find differences and how to learn to hate and then they shout how these differences divide us and how those in presence should be united in this division.

Democracy is an art of divide and rule in the name of globalisation, religions, wars and resources of the land.


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