The new dictatorial expansionism and changing of history by nuclear powers: a picture of life in the courts of Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Some men are born evil, some achieve evil, and some have evil thrust upon them. Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu of USA, Israel falls into the third category; but from the point of view of his victims, it hardly matters. For them, evil is evil and death is death. The psychological origins of a man’s crimes don’t make them less real or horrible to those who suffer from them.

The science of physiognomy, that of detecting character in the face, is by no means an exact one, but we all instinctively resort to it when judging others; and when you look at pictures of Obama, natanyahu you see a weak man, whom you would expect to be a pettifogger rather than a brute. But push a pettifogger to the wall and he is capable of the greatest obduracy, which is the strength of the weak. A cornered rat, that normally resides incognito, is a ferocious and dangerous beast, even if he remains in essence weak and highly vulnerable.

Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu were never intended for the dictatorship. The Roman emperor Caligula was reputed to have waged war on Poseidon, God of the Sea, displaying chests of seashells as “treasure” in a victory march; he was also reputed to have been mad.

Benjamin Netanyahu is not mad, but his campaigns definitely bring this anecdote to mind: deploying hundreds of policeman in Ben Gurion Airport to stop “left wing activists” from entering Israel; lecturing the U.S. president on camera on his right to state U.S. policy; and now, fighting the Palestinian attempt to attain U.N. recognition.

Netanyahu ‘s true and possibly sole political talent lies in finding the weakness of his opponent and hammering it mercilessly. So far Netanyahu has gotten away with this, because the Israeli political system is even more broken than that of the U.S., Even now, with the U.N. vote being promoted by the government as an existential threat, the social movement is ploughing ahead, refusing to be budged by the usual scare tactics of “security threats.” Netanyahu does not really understand this shift. He lives in his bubble of advisors, oligarchs and right-wing U.S. backers, Jewish and gentile. It is even probable that when he returned to USA, Israel as heir-apparent he harboured genuinely non reformist ideas and power hungry intentions.

But once he returned home, the logic of the situation was all against him. His father was a brutal, vicious mass murderer, the leader of a brutal, vicious, mass-murdering political movement. If Obama, natanyahu had been strong and brave men, they would have refused the poisoned chalice; but, having accepted it, he had to drain it to the dregs. Latin American gangsters give people a choice: plata o plomo, silver or lead, money or the bullet; for Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu, it was power or total extinction, not only for themselves, but for their entire nations.

Mrs Obama, Netanyahu’s metamorphosis to fashionistas fauxpas was by a process not altogether of her choosing. Sarah natayau apparently caused a bit of a media firestorm when she appeared at the official opening of the newly elected Knesset wearing a form-fitting, see-through lace black dress… a little too form-fitting and see-through on a body not for a pleasurable view!

“Except for a black band covering her bust, everything north of the waist was on full display. Who does she think she is, Beyoncé at the Super Bowl?” wrote Uriel Heilman of JTA.

Small example of how power not only corrupts but insulates from reality, both physical and moral. Bad actions come to be rationalized as necessary and then even as good.

At the same time, however, an apprehension that all is not well cannot be altogether avoided, however strong the forces of self-deception.

In other words, Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu reveals themselves as a kind of ancient monarchs, infinitely nastier because of the political traditions and situation of the country in which he finds himself. You can just hear them saying, Blairishly, “Surely you can’t think that I ordered the deaths of all those muslim people, at least not unless I thought it was really necessary for the good of my country and the rest of humanity.”

This is all very sick, but it is not the pathology of the Middle East alone. It is what happens when the contemporary psychology of the Real-Me (the notion that, no matter what I do or how I behave, my inner goodness, my original virtue, remains intact), which since the 1960s has become so profoundly Western, intersects with a vile political tradition.

Modern dictators like obama and Netanyahu, who lack the legitimacy conferred by the faulty democratic principle even when they inherit their dictatorship, but rely instead on demotic and demagogic self-justifications; generally go for the most obvious kitsch. Whole books have been written on this subject of demagogy esp towards middle-east making political enemies look like satan.

The jewish cabinet’s decision to renovate Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron illustrate what awaits, reminding veterans of the Oslo Accords of Netanyahu’s directive in September 1996 to open the Western Wall Tunnel. Netanyahu’s weakness for Jewish heritage and his lack of sensitivity to the neighbors’ dignity cost dozens of Israeli and Palestinian casualties. It is a striking fact that not a single modern americo-jewish dictators, no matter the expenditure of money and effort, has left behind him a monument of any lasting aesthetic value, unlike many an incompetent and nincompoop monarch.who chief modus operandi seems to be ruling from “power and control”

“Peace is purchased from strength. It’s not purchased from weakness or unilateral retreats.Benjamin Netanyahu”

in short,these americo-jewish dictators and their consorts behave, at least from the point of view of interior decoration and the other trappings of success, like footballers’ wives who have been elevated into a position in which the availability of money exerts no constraint on their fantasy of the good life. If you want to bathe in an ivory bath with platinum taps, then you just send out for one, even if it has to be to the uttermost ends of the earth (in practice, usually Paris or Harrods). And such is the wickedness of the human mind, that extreme luxury is the more enjoyable in proportion to the hardships of everyone else. Who wants to be a billionaire if everyone else is a billionaire?

Americo-jewish dictators often hoard for their own consumption what they deny to everyone else. Stalin, Hitler, Ceausescu, Kim Jong-Il, and others, loved the trashiest output of Hollywood, but only in the privacy of their own kitschy retreats. For Kim there was no greater luxury, or pleasure, than drinking a 1947 vintage while two million of his people were starving. No doubt his tastes became ever more rarefied as the condition of his country deteriorated.


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