#Karachi Land Authorities are part of the #lawandorder problem

WorldBank Featured indicators for Urban Growth in the world!! how many do indicate the actual quality of life i wonder?

  • Improved sanitation facilities, urban (% of urban population with access)
  • Improved water source, urban (% of urban population with access)
  • Motor vehicles (per 1,000 people)
  • Passenger cars (per 1,000 people)
  • PM10, country level (micrograms per cubic meter)
  • Population in the largest city (% of urban population)
  • Population in urban agglomerations of more than 1 million (% of total population)
  • Poverty gap at urban poverty line (%)
  • Poverty headcount ratio at urban poverty line (% of urban population)
  • Pump price for diesel fuel (US$ per liter)
  • Pump price for gasoline (US$ per liter)
  • Road sector diesel fuel consumption per capita (kg of oil equivalent)
  • Road sector energy consumption (% of total energy consumption)
  • Road sector gasoline fuel consumption per capita (kg of oil equivalent)
  • Urban population
  • Urban population (% of total)
  • Vehicles (per km of road)

How many of our own Land authorities understand the issues related to thsese indicators?

ABAD Association of Builders and Developers
ACHS Al-Riaz Cooperative Housing Society
AKPBS,P Aga Khan Programme for Basic Services, Pakistan
BoR Board of Revenue
CBO Community Based Organisation
CDGK City District Government Karachi
DHA Defence Housing Authority
EDO Executive Development Officer
EIA Environment Impact Assessment
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
FAR Floor Area Ratio
GoS Government of Sindh
HBFCL House Building and Finance Corporation Limited
IAP Institute of Architects
IFC International Finance Corporation
KBCA Karachi Building Control Authority
KCHSU Karachi Cooperative Housing Society Union
KCR Karachi Circular Railways
KDA Karachi Development Authority
KIT Karachi Improvement Trust
KMC Karachi Municipal Corporation
KPT Karachi Port Trust
KSDP Karachi Strategic Development Plan
KWSB Karachi Water and Sewerage Board
LDA Lyari Development Authority
LERP Lyari Expressway Rehabilitation Project
MDA Malir Development Authority
ML&C Military Lands & Cantonments Groups
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MPECD Master Plan and Environmental Control Department
MPGO Master Plan Group of Offices
MRV Merz Randal Vetten
MQM Muttahida Quomi Movement
MoW Ministry of Works
NAB National Accountability Bureau
OCHS Oversees Cooperative Housing Society
OPP Orangi Pilot Project
PCATP Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners
PDOCHS Pakistan Defence Officers’ Cooperative Housing Society
PECHS Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society
PICIC Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation
PPP Pakistan Peoples’ Party
PQA Port Qasim Authority
REIT Real Estate Investment Trust
RTI Research and Training Institute
SBCA Sindh Building Control Authority
SITE Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate
SKAA Sind Katchi Abadi Authority 7
SLGO Sindh Local Government Ordinance
SMCHS Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society


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