#obesity on relationships and the Silent Killer i.e called #food

we know any thing artifical, (i.e Not arising from natural growth or characterized by REAL (i.e Being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verified existence; not illusory processes based on lies and dishonesty or half truths) be it love, relationships, emotions, friendships, or food is BAD for your mental and physical health!

Artificial flavourings are used to improve the taste of food (and relationships)  to chemically re-create a feeling that cannot be achieved through conventional means. Artificial flavours (in food and relationships) can be produced cheaper, with in less time for more profit and are of substandard quality; unconvincingly poor quality than their natural (and genuine) alternatives. They can also be so concentrated (the unhealthy work hard, play hard dilemma) that much less of them is required to generate the same taste, making them very cheap,cheesy,crumby and tastelessly contrived. Amazingly the american FDA is at the heart of this magical world food consumption through food capitalism making the whole world ill with every bite!

Among the five biggest Fast-Food chaions involved in various controversies of 2012, were McDonald’s, Wendy’s! both companies are world leaders of artficial flavouring and to understand how exactly is processed foods is killing us One Bite At A Time we have to go to the source, and study the science and logic behind, genetically modified foods (GM foods, or biotech foods) that are produced from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or specifically, genetically modified crops. GMOs have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques extending eventually into human DNA. These techniques are much more precise AND DEADLY! human brain at its best is actually busy killing other humans!

we have to consider that all of the junk food is filled with MSG, oils and sweeteners: all unnatural ingredients that stimulate (or condition into degeneration) our sense of taste. This stuff is not food. It`s junk that fills us up. Food is healthy, nourishing.

So if you are used to eating bad “food,” real, nourishing foods (i.e. raw or even cooked organic fruits and vegetables) will not seem tasty because it is not packed with ingredients whose sole purpose is to stimulate our taste buds through often deadly artificial flavouring in an unnatural way.

Once we get used to eating the fresh, real, nourishing food that this earth blessed us with, our lives with our children will be so much more better!


Deepak chopra as always explains this well, he says Lifelong eating habits have shaped our desire and enjoyment of food around emotional and social needs and it has largely become disconnected with simple hunger and what quality of food our bodies really want. deepakchopra’s next book explains What Are You Hungry For? he explains how with these poor eating habits we are usually feeding our emotional hunger, and not actual physical hunger. By becoming more self-aware we can learn to listen to what our real needs or hungers are and meet them with the appropriate nourishment.


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