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 i just found it to be too sad!
although no judgments shd be made on one sided stories, this is the second incident of fraud from an IVS grad, i have heard of similar fraud by another indus grad (much senior- and a teacher), such ppl are very good at networking their way to the top, and build up contacts fast w seniors, faculty staff and admin! this must be checked into and reported, IVSAA shdnt become a safe place for deception!



I was Married to Sumbul Hameed after Marriage name Sumbul Ahmed Khan. Sumbul was a (Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture) Student in Karachi Graduated in 2012. She resides in 162-D Navy Housing Scheme, Phase 5, Zamzama, DHA, Karachi. This Family is from Mardan with all Fake documents (CNIC, Birth Certificates and name changes when targeting other victims). After our Nikkah I came to know from Sumbul that she attends Alcohol Bar’s with her sisters (Sadaf/ Nida Hameed). She had also fainted after drinking in Private house Bar’s with her male Indus Valley classmates multiple times in phase VIII, DHA, Karachi. When I spoke to her parents Mr. Abdul Hameed (Father – Fraud, Illegal Drugs smuggler) Medical business name (VCare International) in DHA and Teacher at IBA) and Nagina Hameed (Wife – Fraud, Gold Stealer) they said to me that they allow this in their family and it should not be an issue after Marriage. They also told me that they are liberal Muslim’s living in Pakistan and I am narrow minded to even bring up this issue. After getting the US Green Card approval thru my sponsorship they then involved their Business partner Dr. H.R Qazi / Mrs. Saleeha Qazi (Clinic in Nazimabad block 4- Helping Frauds, Threats to Kill) residing at (C161. Block A, Moulana Roomi St. North Nazimabad, Karachi) to start threatening me for dire consequences.


They have stolen the Nikkah Diamond Ring / Gold Bangles and a Gold set worth $25000.00. Dr. H.R Qazi / Saleeha Qazi were the people that introduced us to this Fraud Hameed family and have supported them in their motive of Stealing Gold and Fraud. I request everyone to please investigate before choosing your life partner as these types of Frauds are all over Pakistan and may target you. I have reported these Frauds to the Head of Police Mr. Ahmed Chinoy – Governor House / USA Consulate General Pakistan and the FIA – Federal Investigation Agency Pakistan along with the FBI unites in US but these culprits are still free and are yet to be found. I do not want these people to trap anyone else and request the help of everyone to please help me spread this message across. I have also contacted NADRA in DHA and found out these Criminals/Frauds have married their Daughter 1 time already (Divorced) and after taking the Gold they try to target the next victim with a different name. Currently they have removed their surname “Khan”. The Father Mr. Abdul Hameed has ways to change names and documents very quickly which is the reason for posting the pictures. Please be aware of these Frauds/Criminals. Take Care and Good Luck. ALLAH KHAIR.


One thought on “#karachi #fraud #family

  1. Hello,
    This is all lie and bullshit about this family!! This is an honest and good family!
    The guy who claims all this is actually the fraud. please delete this post as this is my sister -in-law !

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