#Pakistan : #Islam ka Qila

I personally feel that the “khilafat” is a huge pan-Islamic undertaking, mass political campaign that will never happen in a now more than ever divided muslim nations into groups, rivalries, economic agenda, amercanisation, ethnic, sectarian, political and racial agendas with incompetent weak leaders. (read more on arab spring)

The last of the Khilafat movement at the begining of the end of of colonialism around the world was over in just 4 years, in subcontinent it eventually changed its course and ended in the formation of IRP islamic republic of pakistan.(which Mr Jinnah envisisoned as a democratic islamic nation and mullahs thought to be qila of dying khilafat movement) thats why the answer to “pakistan ka matlab kiya” is the “first kalima”. (which now extremist mulla parties are using to seek their version of sharia law and revenge against minorities!!)

The last KM was actually started by the turks to protect Ottoman Empire surviving World War I. It was even endorsed by Gandhi and the Hindu Congress because of its anti colonial stance!!

The movement was perhaps due to its timing and quality last effort to unite muslims, into a khilafat, however, the Arabs, under the religious influence of abdulwahab, the political influence of its colonial masters the british  and TE Lawrence , and the tribal influence of house of saud fighting for their rule over saudi arabia saw it as threat of continuation of Turkish dominance of Arab lands during arab revolt!! LOL!!


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