Real #Bhatta in #Pakistan

Dear God!
Plz give me strength to pay my Income Tax, GST, CVT, TIP, VAT, CST, Service Tax,
Fuel Adjustment Charges, Petrol Levy, Excise Duty,
Customs Duty, Octroi, TDS, ESI, Property Tax, Stamp Duty, Aabiana, Ushr, Zakat, Local Cess, PTV Licence Fee, withholding tax, wealth tax, conservancy tax etc. Paycheck from employer who deducts tax and then deposits it in your account. Then you use this twice taxed amount to pay for the mobile phone top up and for Rs. 100, you only get around Rs 60! and then ofcourse Parking Fee (about 10 times a day), Water Tax, Hafta, Chanda, Donations, Bhattah etc.
Now after wards If I’ve some money left after that, I’ll get my children some education, my home some food, and upgrade my business to boost the GDP of my beloved country…so i can pay more taxes!


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