Do the #Taliban represent #Islam or #Pashtuns?!!

However much we try and dress it up, both Afghanistan and Pakistan are in the midst of civil wars.
The common reason is religious politics and political religiousness with rooted extremist tendencies in the war-like Tribal DNA of Pashtuns. Pashtuns are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and reigned as the dominant ethno-linguistic group for about 300 years, with nearly all rulers being Pashtun.

I am not biased i only know that The word “Taliban” is Pashto, and Pashtun people are also known as ethnic Afghans or Pathans. The majority of the Taliban are made up of Pashtun tribesmen, and its teachings largely affects Pashtun diaspora around the globe, They are also an important community in Pakistan, which has the largest Pashtun population and constitute the second-largest ethnic group hence affecting its strategic and political behavior. However, A Pashtun state would not, as many fear, be a Taliban-Bin Laden style utopia. Many Pashtuns are opposed to the Taliban, with the Afghan President being foremost amongst them.

“Looking for the origin of Pashtuns and the Afghans is something like exploring the source of the Amazon. Is there one specific beginning? And are the Pashtuns originally identical with the Afghans? Although the Pashtuns nowadays constitute a clear ethnic group with their own language and culture, there is no evidence whatsoever that all modern Pashtuns share the same ethnic origin. In fact it is highly unlikely.

What complicates this further is a large Pakhtun tribe often has dozens of sub-tribes whose members may see themselves as belonging to each, some, or all of the sub-tribes” in their family tree depending upon the social situation: co-operative, competitive, or confrontational!!

The pushtun – Taliban alliance is actually an (ANTI) Islamic fundamentalist political movement that began in Afghanistan, channeled by Saudi Wahhabi Takfiri funding of house of Al-Sauds with American/CIA support into the “mujaheddin” who fought against the pro-Soviet Afghan government in the 1980s were also dominated by Pashtun fighters.

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